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TV features with to optical in??

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So my Blueray and DVR go through HDMI for my Denon receiver (AVR590). However, the only smart component in this setup is the TV. Meaning, if I watch a movie from my home server (connected via plex running on a computer on home server through video option in TV) or YouTube through the smart functionality of the TV, the signal for audio in order to play on surround has to go through optical. Even if I went through hdmi out from tv to amp, then it would just loop back to tv from hdmi out from amp to tv. Enough to make your head spin. At any rate, with this receiver and all, how do you get sound that is generated by amp or feature on tv to go out of speakers from receiver/amp rather than the tv speakers? Figured there would be a switch in the amp to change the audio from other source to tv via the optical. Hope that makes sense and hope someone can help me with this. Gets confusing to me.
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To make it more clear for you ... the 590 is only HDMI 1.3 so has no HDMI(ARC) feature and therefore cannot pass audio back to the AVR via the HDMI cable that connects the AVR and TV (unlike it's successor the 591 which can do this). So your only option to pass the TV's smart apps audio back to the AVR is to connect an optical cable to one of the AVR's optical inputs. By connecting it to OPT1 (TV) and setting the TV audio setting to "external speakers" on the TV, you should then hear the smart app audio when you select "TV" on the Denon remote.
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