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TV Guide On Screen poll

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Hi fellow AVSers,

i've got some questions i'm hoping you can help me clear up. i've read on AVS, as well as other sources such as CNET, that the TV Guide On Screen electronic program guide doesn't ever work with digital cable.

this is very confusing to me, because i've got the sony RDR-HX900 w/ TV Guide, and it works just fine with my digital cable (Scientific Atlanta 8000 box w/ 80GB DVR, provided by Adelphia). is there something i'm missing here?

i'd really appreciate any feedback, info, etc... if you have a TV Guide DVD recorder or DVR, does it work with your digital cable? if so or if not, what kind of cable box do you have?

thanks for your input!
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According to what I read, TV Guide on Screen doesn't work with Satellite. Whether or not it works with your particular digital cable system is a question of whether or not the cable operator filters out the carrier band for the TV Guide info.
Originally posted by dsurkin
According to what I read, TV Guide on Screen doesn't work with Satellite. Whether or not it works with your particular digital cable system is a question of whether or not the cable operator filters out the carrier band for the TV Guide info.
Also if your cable company uses tv guide logos in there guide, i suspect they wouldn't find the need to filter out this carrier band.

What might help, is to split the incoming cable feed and run a feed directly to the rf in of the dvd recorder instead of piggyback from cable box, i heard that works better.

Good luck,
I subscribe to Adelphia digital cable using the provided Motorola STB. Previously, TV Guide data was transferred to my Panasonic E85 DVR whenever the DVR was turned off. (The STB had to be left on all the time.) I recently upgraded to HD cable, which required a new STB - a Motorola 6200. TV Guide data immediately stopped downloading. Adelphia was no help - but I finally found a Motorola tech rep who seemed to have a good understanding of the problem. He said that the 6200 STB was fairly new and that this feature had not yet be implemented in its software. He said that once the software is upgraded, the 6200 will work just like the older STB. Adelphia tells me a whole different story; but from experience, I would tend to believe the Motorola guy.

It doesn not work with Sat. (I have Voom). It does work with my regular cable feed and I find it very useful for recording shows, one touch on the guide screen. I wish it was available for Sat. as well.
Just noticed this thread but may be late with this input.

I have Cableone Digital service that includes HDTV on a few movie channels, Motorola DCT5100 STB, and a Panasonic E85 PVR (120 Gb HDD, DVD-R & DVD-RAM) and have not had any success with receiving the EPG. I have RF split before the STB also going to the E85 and L3 input from the STB using S-video inputs. I have never received program data other than getting the clock set/updated, and in one instance a high level menu for program categories (Children, NEWS, Movies, etc) but nothing in it. I do see a TV Guide ID in the "Message" section that appears different with each fresh reset/setup. All this in the 6-7 months I have had the E85. I have tried many setup variations with/without cable box over that time.

I had contacted Panasonic earlier. They believed the E85 was fine based on otherwise good functionality, and forwarded the problem to TV Guide to contact my cable company or something like that. Never heard from TV Guide folks so I ended up calling Cableone myself and was told I was not receiving the data due to "software incompatibility" between that which they send for their boxes and my E85. I should "use the guide they provide for their STB". Sounded OK at the time but always had the nagging feeling it was an easy way to get out of solving my problem.

At any rate, a poster on this forum way back there gave me pointers on how to use STB and E85 timers along with the Cableone guide. This has been successful but a lot more work than "one button programming".

So far I haven't read a post with my Cableone, DCT 5100, and E85 combination. However, several folks have expressed some level of difficulty with the EPG with other combinations although others seem to have none. I live in an area with limited over-the-air broadcast but I may look for an antenna that won't disgruntle my homeowner association to try that out just for grins.

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I have Comcast HD Motorola 5100 and the guide never worked when I connected it to the L3 terminal per the instructions.

After many days of trying, I split the cable before the STB and ran one straight to the E85 and the other to the STB. I then connected the STB to the Panny using s-video and audio using the L1 input (not L3). Since then, the guide works fine. However, I do not get any of the scrambled stations on the guide. I only get channels 2-96 with the scrambled ones left out in between. If I want to record any scrambled channels I have to leave the STB on with the correct channel set and use the Panny's timer to record by selecting the L1 input instead of a channel. A little cumbersome, but I do most of my recording on regular TV (one touch using the guide). For the movies I want, I have to spend a little more setup time to get using the timer/L1/STB.

I hope this helps, but more importantly I hope new Motorola software will properly allow the STB to pass through all the guide info. The Moto box/software is definitely the problem.
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Used to work fine until September 2005 in NYC with Time Warner digital cable (SA box). Stopped then, and has not returned.
I am a DirecTV customer and I realize that TVGOS doesn't work with DBS. I also do not have any cable service. Can anyone tell me what OTA channel is used for this service? Is it always a PBS station? If so then I can use the PBS OTA for my area. This may all be moot as I only have a few OTA channels available. So, I guess I'm asking from a "something I want to know" standpoint.
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