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TV HDMI Audio question

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I am projector owner but recently purchased an LNT2653H for the home theater as an extra monitor/tv. What Im curious about is it says my tv support TruSurroundXT with this on should the tv not accept 5.1 channels and then just convert it two channel, here is what it says.

"TruSurround XT is a patented SRS technology that solves the problem of playing 5.1 multichannel content over two speakers.

TruSurround delivers a compelling, virtual surround sound experience through any two-speaker playback system, including internal

television speakers. It is fully compatible with all multichannel formats."
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Please can anyone answer this simple question for a newb.

"Simple question"!!?? I can't figure out what you are asking.

The bottom line is that your TV appears to only have two speakers and they are using a lot of expensive words to tell you that it will sound as good as 5.1 !

So hook it up and enjoy it.
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I agree I reread his post and could not figure out what his question was - you don't even have a question mark contained therein.

The TV has two weenie speakers and what you'll get is simulated 5.1 but it's still two speakers and no way it truly can match a true 5.1 system with a dedicated subwoofer connected to an AVR. It can be good, but if you were to sit down with the real deal it's results are friggin night and day in favor of the dedicated 5.1 SS system - not even close especially with an AVR and subwoofer.
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LoL well theres a reason you probably cant understand my question. Its because I did not want to go into detail. ALl I want to know is can a tv accept 5.1 sound, I know it cant output it with its internal speakers, but can it at least accept it.

I have a Home theatre system, with rx-V661 and projector with 5.1 speakers. Also in that room is my computer monitor/extra tv my samsung lnt2653h.

Connecting all my components is a monoprice hdmi matrix switch. Whenever I switch to the tv even though Im using something like my Xa2 thats outputting 5 channel pcm, when you switch to the tv it ouputs only 2 channel, I was told this is because the device is reading the EDID of my tv. This is a problem because if I switch to the projector/AVR it will only get 2 channel as well, unless I turn the tv off and switch inputs.

Basically all I am asking is can the tv accept 5.1, I know it cannot output 5.1, but with this trusurroundxt I assumed the tv would accept multi channel sound, as it states in the manual quote I posted above but I have not had any luck. All I want is constant 5.1 output even for the tv, and figured the tv using its trusurroundxt should output it yet through the tv's speakers.
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I think it was a pretty simple question. Will his television accept a 5.1 signal or not? Shame nobody can answer it. I'm in the same dilemma. I have a DVR and other equipment hooked up to multiple HDMI displays. One is next to a 5.1 reciever. The other (bedroom) is stereo only. Unfortunately the TVs will NOT accept 5.1 unless it comes from an OTA signal. So if I have dolby turned on in the DVR, one TV gets no sound at all. It doesn't downmix it. And it doesn't even pass the 5.1 on through it's optical output. This is a gigantic pain in the ass.

Here's a more conventional scenario where someone would get screwed by this. Say you have DVR/Blu-ray/etc. You connect the HDMI to a stereo-only television. You also connect the SPDIF to a receiver located in another room (music only). If you have 5.1 turned on, you're screwed. The TV won't have any sound.

Can anyone shed light on this? Or do I just get a smiley face as well?
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