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TV losing HTPC video signal when turned off & back on again. Huh? Why?

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1st HTPC :

Intel 6300 dual-core CPU

2 gigs of G.Skill DDR-2 RAM

Corsair 620 watts modular PSU.

Gigabyte 965P-DS3 mobo

Sapphire x1950xt PCI-E 256 megs videocard, using 6.12 Catalyst drivers.

Running M$ MCE


And the TV : Sony A2000 60".

Everything was running fine for the first 4 days then *BOOM!* When I turn the TV off while the HTPC's running and I turn the TV back on later, no video is displayed. No error msg is shown like "No signal found" or anything like that. Just "Input 6" and that's it.

Troubleshooting steps/additional info :

- Cycling through the inputs doesn't fix it.

- Using HDMI (Input 6).

- Hibernation and screen-saver options are disabled.

- Not interested in using Input 7 as it looks like crap. But Input 6 looks gorgeous.

- Didn't try with VGA (not interested from reports of bad video quality & underscanning).

- HTPC still works at download/uploading while no video is shown.

- When the HTPC gets restarted (Windows key, up, right, right, Enter)/resetted (reset button on the case) or powered down & back up, it works.

Does anybody have a clue as to what the solution may be or even the next troubleshooting step could be? I really wish to avoid calling Sony and having a tech sent out for this.
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Were you using the 6.12 drivers the first 4 days? Come versions of the Catalyst drivers have the problem you are reporting with a AVI/HDMI ingerface. I beleive it was started around the 6.10 drivers and was first fixed in the 7.1 or 7.2 drivers It may have reappeard in the 7.2 or 7.4 drivers.
Same drivers. Absolutely nothing has changed with the exception of me installing a handful of games : Fable, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Resident Evil 4. All with latest patches.

You're right, though. I should reinstall the drivers to see if the problem goes away. I wish to use the 6.12 drivers due to the fact that they're the last ones with the 1080P 1:1 pixel mapping 75 hertz "bug." Beyond that, I'd always get something else than 1:1 pixel mapping thus showing a very blurry display. As it is, it's crisp!

Thanks for the suggestion. For whatever reason, it completely slipped my mind to reinstall the drivers or at the very least trying other ones.
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I have trouble with losing the video too (under Vista). It doesn't happen all the time -- only about half the time. I can only use Catalyst 7.3 and above since I'm using Xpress 1250 integrated graphics. Those versions definitely have issues with it. And the underscan. And green video. I'm not very happy with the ATI drivers.
I have the problem ONLY with nvidia cards.

the 1650pro ati card I use only loses video if you yank the dvi cable out, causing a loss of handshake. if I leave my cable plugged in, my ati card NEVER loses video.

go figure! I wish my nv card would work as well.

(grrrr. I bet this is all due to hdmi chipsets and poor implementations of such. in my experience, 'pure regular old dvi' never EVER had this problem. computer based dvi DOES allow hotplug events - but hdmi does not seem to)

still, when you are not hot plugging/unplugging, why would video exit like that? it sure does for me, all the time, on nv cards ;(
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I have one of my HTPCs with an XFX 7950GT plugged into an HDMI switcher (using a DVI to HDMI cable) that is connected to a IN72 projector. The HTPCs is on all the time, 24x7, but the projector gets switched off and on as and when needed. The 7950 doesn't seem to have these issues, and NEVER loses the signal. As soon as I turn the projector on, it finds the signal and locks on.
I tried a monoprice.com hdmi switcher, JUST to see if it would keep the signal alive.

that doesn't help at all for me. in fact, when I use the switch (after I get 2 systems booted via dvi), I can see desktop across the 2 boxes but I can switch maybe once and that's it. after I switch back to the other machine's desktop, "LOSS OF SIGNAL" again ;(

I'm willing to bet its more my tv's hdmi implementation (and maybe the OP's too).

is there some other box can that keep the signal alive (retime, or entirely recreate new dvi frames from a different 'source' than the nv card)?

very odd that it follows video card brand lines - for some of us!
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In order for the handshake to occur, both devices (videocard & TV) need to "understand" each other. So it's either the fault of one or the other. No other possibilities exist, at this point. I'll reinstall the drivers when I get home and report back. I didn't have any problems for the 1st 4 days, so there's hope.
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quick question: if I bought a 'pro' style monitor (higher price, no consumer inputs, something like the dell 30" dvi-only display) - would that get around the problem?

my experience with pure-dvi (no hdmi at all) is that dvi IS hot plug and never loses sync. but I've mostly been using dell computer monitors - not 'home tvs'.

it would be going backwards, in a way, for me, to downgrade a 32" set for a 30" one - and pay 2x the price for it, too! but if that's what I need to do to get a REAL dvi set and not have hdmi give me headaches with this sync/noSync stuff - that might be the quickest way to the endgoal for me (?)

or maybe less drastic - just try a diff consumer set. but given how BAD the hdmi is - how am I to know which one will work for me and which will continue to show the same kind of video-exiting that I'm seeing now?

is there a certain list of brands or models or chipsets that are KNOWN to be good?
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I had the same problem using a NVidia card with DVI out going through a monoprice HDMI switcher. I think when it switched to another input, the video card detected that nothing was connected to that port, and shut it off.

I fixed the problem by getting a DVI Detective, which "acts" like it's a display that's constantly connected:


Don't think it allows HDCP though.

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That's the thing, linux-works ; the HDMI handshake process is what's causing this issue, so to answer your question, yes, a pure DVI connection wouldn't experience this problem.

Maybe they'll need to get up to version 1.4 of HDMI to fix the problem, but many people are experiencing this and not just with HTPCs ; even with HD-DVD/BD players and other devices, HDMI can be problematic and touchy with regards to connectivity.

There's no way I'd be going back to a regular PC monitor after seeing it in all its glory on my 60" Sony A2000. Everything is crisp, colors are gorgeous... So I'll see how everything behaves when I get back home. I'll keep ya posted.
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Well,... reinstalling the drivers fixed it for me. Ironically, I'm now getting 1080P (1840x1020 custom resolution) with no under or overscan at 60 hertz, as opposed to before where I needed 75 hertz. The option for 75 hertz even disappeared. Nevertheless, the problem has vanished after a driving installation.

Originally Posted by Ozy666 /forum/post/0

I had the same problem using a NVidia card with DVI out going through a monoprice HDMI switcher. I think when it switched to another input, the video card detected that nothing was connected to that port, and shut it off.

I fixed the problem by getting a DVI Detective, which "acts" like it's a display that's constantly connected:


Don't think it allows HDCP though.


thanks for the info! a 'keep alive' device is EXACTLY what I had envisioned.

its sort of cheap enough - if it does the job - hey, I'm game. I just want the problem solved. this 'protection' crap is really getting on my nerves.

I actually don't ever plan to have 'protected' content on my box, so hdcp is just an (il)logical layer that I'd prefer to completely avoid. as far as my video card and screen is concerned, its JUST A WINDOWS DESKTOP. stop throwing a spaz, you two
but NOOOO - some fool thought it was a good idea to layer more 'protection' on top of dvi and have the bright idea that it was OK to not have hot-replug or reconnect work.

I just want to be able to take 'empegs' (that's all that the o/s needs to know) and pump them over the dvi wire to a display device and have that device DISPLAY MY BITS. sheesh, is that too much to ask? I paid for the video card, the cable and the tv. if I'm using linux, that's all I need to pay for and my 'desktop' should convey across dvi. but you know, it seems THIS SIMPLE FACT (sigh) is just beyond the industry, at this point. simple things that used to work just don't anymore, with any reliability.

sorry for the rant, but this stuff is NOT how things should be. I'm not playing blue-spray (grin) and there's no need for hdmi or hdcp. I just want a dvi connection so that I can view my xwindows (etc etc) and not have to use an analog vga connection. this is just absurd how the industry has horribly broken something that they had no right to touch or break.
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this MAY be key in understanding the nvidia vs ati disconnect problem:


they specifically call out the 2 video card brands!

for a while, I was assuming my tv was mostly at fault. it seems its the CARDS that just plain decide to stop sending data!?

that's unbelievable to me. well, I believe it, but I'm in awe of how BAD this whole architecture is. who could have thought this was a Good Idea??

...and the content industry wonders why the youth of today is pre-disposed to hate them and want to pirate from them. wonder? do they _really_ have to think that hard to understand the hate they create in the consumer toward themselves is their own damned fault?
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update: just bought a new amd690 mobo with onboard ati video and dvi out.

wouldn't you know - if you switch away and back again (a/b/c switch) it ALSO loses video. the ati chipset onboard.

I tried that EDID dongle thing and that fixed it, for this chipset, too.

I needed it on an ati1650 and on most of the nvidia 7series I tried, but not on my 8series nvidia. and now, again, on the ati/amd chipset.

since I change configs pretty often, I guess I need this box. some video cards are ok (my 8500gt is) but most of the rest of mine are not.

monitor this time was dell 2405fpw. no hdmi, no hdcp, no nonsense. just dvi in and the mobo has dvi-out. you'd THINK it would work and hotplug like its supposed to. but it doesn't.
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