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I'm trying to decide on a fixed or tilt wall mount for my Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma TV and also pick a good brand.

I know Cheetah Mounts are decent, I have one now that this TV is on, but I want to change it out with one that doesn't move.
Currently its on a dual arm articulating mount, not real happy with how it sits on there, I don't really need it to move so I'm going to reuse that mount downstairs.

So I'm looking for a nice strong trustworthy mount that is either fixed or tilt. I don't really even need it to tilt, just stay straight on the wall and be flush.

The Cheetah Mount and Monoproce ones are pretty good in price, I know there are some more expensive brands, are they worth the extra money?
Sanus looks like they have a nice one for about $87 on Amazon, is that worth the price tag?

I mean its just a mount.
I think this TV weighs around 75lbs with out the stand, so just needs to be strong enough to hold it straight.

Suggestions welcome.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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