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I need to formulate a proper search query line for this issue:

On my old Sony LCD rear projection unit, KDF50WE655, the audio out to my surround sound system incorporated the equalizer settings I set in the tv. I set the treble high and the bass low. That improved the end result coming out of my surround sound speakers tremendously compared to my brand-new Samsung PN50B650 audio out, which bypasses the equalizer settings I effected on the Samsung and gives me a straight, unequalized, unmodulated signal, revealing the apparent shortcomings of my surround sound system in terms of treble and bass.

I do not think there is any way to get the Samsung's equalized audio output.

Hence I'd like to find all recent, new tv's that allow me to get a tv-equalized audio out and not just a straight unequalized throughput. When I search CNET for "tv's with variable audio out," Toshibas come up.

What would be the proper terminology in a search query line? I am not sure whether it is "variable audio out" because that merely seems to apply to volume.

Help, please?

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