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I noticed that DVICO offers a message board for their Korean customers unlike their US website. On the message board, they have a long discussion (93 messages) concerning the soon to be released TVIX 5000. Unfortunately, on my computer, it only displays a bunch of question marks even if I ask Google to translate the page for me. It never asked me to install a Korean font. Anyone know Korean or can access the page and translate it?


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Ok... I will try to translate it for you....

But... I will abridge many things in the BBS.

1. Can it support 1080P or olny 1080i

2. It support 1080P, But we have to test more.

3. which hard type will it support? IDE, SATA, 3.5inch or 2.5?

4. IDE, 3.5 Inch.

5. Thank you for quick answer.

6. I hate Dvico CEO, I already bought 3000f, After only 10 months I have to another tvix, It is much better.(Truelly He doen't hate DVico CEO....)

7. I wish Wireless Lan and PVR function, CAN design is very freshful.

8. I misunderstood that m5000 includes DVD player for its design. How about including DVDP.

9. Does it support 1394? I wish It will support both.

Does it support external USB ODD and Hard drives, memory card reader and alarm clock by VFD Clock.

yaku4 : What is the difference between M5000 on this month and M5000 on Oct.

Dvico : NO difference except Wireless Lan and external antena.

It support 802.g 54mbps. but some obstacles like concreate wall make the speed low.

You can enjoy SD movies by Wlan but It is hard for HD or SD stream to transfer.

If you want to enjoy HD movies, I recomend to give up.

yaju4 :

additional answers

1. Does SD format mean Divx?

2. If so, can I watch dvix movies in the living room when the movies are in PC room?

3. How long time will it take to copy a 700MB file between the living room and PC room by Wlan

4. What is multi break out box? is the box optional, how much is it?



It can display caption on playing HD file format, TR

I wish so.


to yaku4

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Maybe 10 minutes more

4. It is multi cable. Later I will show the picture.

Dvico : Is the caption type .smi? I never see it before.

jenetty : Does it support WMV9? asf?

Hey, Plz, Hurry up, Aug is late.

ahn620 : HD is digital, Does it support Cable digital QAM?

lonelybe : I wish to support Caption.

gbi025 : It doen't support Analog tuner.

Dvico : It can play WMV9, and some ASF format It depends codec.

Obridgation..................................... So so chatting.

Dvico : We consider two things to connect PC and Tvix HD.

1. Tvix plays dvix in PC directly.

2. PC can download files to Tvix like NAS(network attached system)

We tested it.

Nodil : I anticipate this product.

kimdowo : How about noise. 3000 is noisy.

Can it play by Network without HDD?

Dvico :

1. Multi IO on the backside of m5000 for connecting optional HD tuner.

and if you buy it, you can receive and save HD.

2. HD file saves tp format.

3. 9GB for 1 hour

4. It only support HD, You want low format, We offer S/W

We consider noisy, It will be better than 3000.

I can not sure It play without HDD.

derek68 : Can I attach external ODD.

Oops... Time over, I have to go home. Bye~~~

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Thank you so much Sangbin! I know that must have taken you a while to type all out. I really appreciate it. Is there any more of the discussion after the last question?

It's too bad DVICO doesn't offer a Q/A discussion for the US website. AFAIK, the US website only has a personal Q/A and they do not answer questions regarding the TVIX. I have e-mailed the TVIX US division on several occasions, but they never reply.

Again, thank you Sangbin! :)

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