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It looks like the Tvix tuner modules are starting to arrive. A few folks in Europe have tried out the DVB units already with some success. I've got the T410 (ATSC) add on tuner order and it should be here on Monday 14 May. I'll post a review of how well it works in my HD-M4000PA.

T410/T510 = add on ATSC (USA/Canada/Korea) tuner for the 4000PA/SA, 5000A, 4100/5100.

T430/T530 = add on DVB (Europe) tuner module

These tuners are for OTA only -- digital cable QAM is not supported.

Currently the Tvix boxes cannot record HD and do something else, so they are not able to time shift or pause/RW/FF live TV like a full featured DVR. (Maybe it's a limitation of the Sigma chipset?)

Still, these tuners are a great option for those of us who

1) don't subscribe to digital cable

2) don't want to pay for Tvio

3) don't want to mess with a full HTPC

There are very few DVRs that can record HD OTA on the market now. LG and Sony used to make such a device, but they were expensive and there was no real way to get the .ts file off the box for archiving. Until the Tvix tuner came along the only real options for recording HD were HTPC or TIVO or rent a DVR from your cableco. Kudos to Dvico for realizing that there is niche here to be filled.
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