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Tvix M-4100SH first review

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I received M-4100SH two weeks ago for test.

This machine will release 23 this month in korea.

I have doing test MPEG TS stream and WMV9 and Blu-ray VC1,MPEG4.

MPEG TS streem works very fine. i tested very high bit rate Blu-ray rip title Innocence, this title bit rate is about 45Mbps, work fine.

Normal MPEG4 titel play fine, but some MPEG4 title did not play

Divico will update firmware and may be fixed.

VC1 play is unstable. some play well, but another don't play

Remux blu-ray title play works fine.

Audio is better then befer model. and support sata hdd, HDMI 1.1

If software bug fixed, will be very good machine.
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I agree, I set mine up last night and couldn't believe the excellent playback capabilities. Played back my .mpg and .m2ts files from my HV20 high def camcorder and they looked just like I was playing directly from the camcorder. The directions from time to time are unclear in the manual-had to use some posts from here to figure some things out. One of the best tech products I have ever purchased.

One tip when updating firmware through a USB jump drive:

You have to switch to USB-on the remote's number key pad the numbers correspond to various sources. For example, the number 6 is the hard disk if I remember correctly, and I think the number 4 is USB drive 1. The manual was very unclear on this. Anyway, watched Dejavu last night as an iso, perfect playback through HDMI, no glitches at all.

Much praise to the people at DVico, for great product and tremendous service regardign their constant effort to update firmware as needed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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