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TVo living room theater construction begins...

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This will probably the first important thread I post on this forum to date. I snipped a few ideas here and there to put this project together. I got the idea to make this into a built in center after deciding to convert my study into a bedroom. So instead of a simple wall, I decided to go with the whole built in the wall entertainment center. Here is the floor plan with the area that is being worked on circled.


Here are pictures of the living room and study in respect to each other.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...ingRoom003.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...e/Study001.JPG

I had better pictures on my camera but I couldn't find the usb cable to transfer. Anyway, I'm getting rid of the bifolding doors since I don't use them anyway. I'm moving the fish tank to a new location and I have removed the doors. The lighting structure has to be redone to fit with the center as well. Here is a preliminary sketch of what it should look like when done. The width of the doorway will be essentially covered by the big square that is the tv hole with the two speaker holes next to it...that is approx. 6 feet wide.


I made the dimensions specifically for the Sony KDF-E42A10 but it will still fit the Samsung 42" DLP if I don't get the Sony in the end. Right now I still have the Sony KV-30HS420. Anyway I plan to have acoustically transparent cloth over the speaker openings and for now my set of axioms will go in there. To the sides are the DVD racks...a bit small but thats the amount of room I have to work with. Bottom will be for the many components that I'll have to choose to put in. I also drew up how the framing will look like from each perspective....from the study...the living room and from above....this may give a better idea to what I am doing.


Theres the front and back view of the framework.


This is how it'll fit into the opening. I may have to modify this as I construct and consult with my friend that is helping me. I found this on the picture gallery and it is what inspired me to design it like this instead of just a hole in the wall.

I just bought 41 - 2x4s and 10 sheets of drywall today for startup. I plan on starting tomorow...but if anyone has any suggestions please do chime in. I do check the forum periodically so any suggestions from the veterans on the forum would be great. Thanks!
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On another note I forgot to put up the specs of the theater and the room. The room itself is about 10 feet x 10 feet...give or take the big opening to the kitchen and dining area / hallway. I didn't really plan on having wall treatments or anything since this is an apartment / condo setup.

Display: Sony KV-30HS420 (soon to be that new Sony 42" rear LCD or Samsung 42" DLP)

Speakers: Axiom M22ti's in the front, Axiom VP150 in the center, and Axiom QS4 for surrounds

Sub: SVS PB2-ISD (need to find new sweet spot unfortunately)

Reciever: Pioneer Elite VSX-05 (its from 1999...very outdated)


This is how it looks like now. Where the center is now is where the futon / sofa will go and the rest is as described above....
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I'm totally into the whole built in thing, TV, so I read your posting with interest.

Mine is finished but, unfortunately, I don't yet have the latest pics in the link below. Regardless, I very much like how it turned out and the WAF is high indeed.

Sizing the openings is critical, particuarly if you won't have rear access (like me). If you make the openings too tight you won't have enough room to manuver the equipmment in to place. Also be sure to make the shelves deep enough to allow space behind the equipment for cabling - n - such. Running an outlet to each opening/shelf is also beneficial.

Have fun. When I did my basement noodling through the entertainment center design was the most enjoyable part for me - trying to think about each and every little detail and fretting over the sizing. Was soooo rewarding when everything slid into place - as designed.

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I'm glad I'll be able to access the unit from the bedroom behind it. I'm making sure to give my self some room for component cabling. I have about 20.5" max for the components right now...I can still add a few more if I need to since only built the back side of it so far today. I don't have pics of it yet cuz I can't locate the camera usb cable. I'm still not sure what I should do about the heat generated by the components though. How did you take care of that?

I also do have WAF but thats just wallet acceptance factor for me. I'm in grad school right now...and I'm not married yet. I just happen to be burdened and fortunate to have this great hobby of hometheater...!
The only component that will generate a significant amount of heat is your amplifier (receiver). Just make the opening for that particular peice several inches taller than the unit itself and be sure not to place any other equipment on top of that one. Whatever display you use may generate some heat - again, just make the opening several inches taller.

I finally found my usb cable. I'll show the pictures from step one til what I have now. These are the before pictures...which are quite similar to what you see above.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../Before001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../Before002.JPG
https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../Before003.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../Before004.JPG
The materials that are going into the project...41 2x4s and 10 sheets of drywall. Theres also 5 lbs of 3" nails and 5 lbs of 3" screws.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...terials001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...terials002.JPG
At the end of day one we had done the demolishing that was seen in the previous post. Parts of the rear wall had also been done and mounted. The main part was still free but the sides were secured. My friend and I put in about 8 hours.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayOne001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayOne002.JPG
https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayOne003.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayOne004.JPG
Here is the end result of day two, which was yesterday. I got the entire back section secured including the top and back. The columns for the TV shelf and the TV shelf frame was also "installed". I realized today that I'll have to shift the shelf over by 3/16" of an inch so that'll be in the middle of the entertainment unit.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayTwo001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayTwo002.JPG
https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayTwo003.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DayTwo004.JPG
Here is day three. My friend that has been helping me has to unfortunately attend an unexpected funeral so we had to work on the project on Christmas day since both of us didn't have anything else to do. The actual front side frame is up. Pretty much shows what the final will look like minus the drywall.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...ayThree001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...ayThree002.JPG
https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...ayThree003.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...ayThree004.JPG

I could have finished more but my cordless drills both ran out of power so I had to stop before I could finish the other TV wall and mount the center channel shelf. Right now most of it is wedged in there. Anyway that's it for now. I have another friend that's gonna help tomorow. Hopefull i get a bit more done tomorow and can start drywall sometime tuesday or wednesday.
Day Four: it may not look like I got much done but it took a while to build the parts that I put in. 2x2s are a pain to get and then yeah...I had to build the "cage" that holds each of the things so drywall can go on them correctly. I finished the "cage" for the center channel and test fitted it. The TV hole is also ready. Now I just have to put in the proper boxes and wiring and drywall will be the next step. I also cut lumber for the front speakers' "cages". I may have to modify my original design but for now its working out pretty good. Here are some pictures...its starting to take better shape than before. I don't know if I should do anything with the open spaces next to the center channel.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...DayFour001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...DayFour002.JPG

I also accidently hammered my left thumb and pointer finger. I feel sorta numb in those fingers now. Thats about it...til the next update tomorow.
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Here goes the rest of the cages for the front speakers plus the platforms and cages for the "cubby" holes.

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...DayFive001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...DayFive002.JPG

So far its good. I took one day off and did other stuff. The smell of wood is starting to get to me. Anyway today I calculated I needed 7 more 2 x 4s, unfortunately I have only 3. Plus I need around 10 electrical boxes and some other misc stuff like the 3/4" piece of wood the tv is gonna sit on. Also the shelves and stuff for the components plus dvd rack stuff. I estimate another day before the wood working is done. Start early again tomorow unforutnately.
I didn't bother to separate the days since day six consisted mostly of wiring the electrical outlets which weren't that exciting to make a post about. Today however I finally got the DVD rack structure to fit...just a few more pieces to go. Also pulled the left rear speaker wire through the carpet. Along with extending a few electrical outlets with my friend. My roomate also started to paint his room if you guys didn't notice the background has now changed from peach to red. Originally the place was peach when I bought it...I will eventually repaint most of it. Anyway here are the pictures...also started to drywall the right front speaker...

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DaySix001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi.../DaySix002.JPG

I will continue construction after New Years...unfortunately it won't be ready for the fiesta bowl...but hopefully in time for the Rose Bowl...go horns! I wish everybody a safe and a happy new years...
Originally Posted by ss3964spd
The only component that will generate a significant amount of heat is your amplifier (receiver). Just make the opening for that particular peice several inches taller than the unit itself and be sure not to place any other equipment on top of that one. Whatever display you use may generate some heat - again, just make the opening several inches taller.


How did you run all the cabling for your equipment?
I'll consider this day seven since six / seven was one thing...anyway haven't had time since the Rose Bowl. How about them HORNS...friggin awesome game! Anyway if I recall correctly...day seven consisted of the drywalling the rest of the speakers and the front wall. This was also the day of the Rose Bowl game so we only got a half day in...heres the damage we did...

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...aySeven001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...aySeven002.JPG

Now on to the update for day eight...
Oh so much trouble on day eight. Today was the building of the DVD racks...unfortunately the one on the right side...there was so much trouble...it didn't sit perpendicular...instead it leaned to the side...the left side only took one hour...but the right took like 8...oh well. Many hours after about 5 am into friday morning...i finished and crashed...heres what the one man build team did...

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...ayEight001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...ayEight002.JPG

Now for what I did yesterday...Day Nine...
This took place pretty much between the hours of 10 pm til 7 am this morning...which is Saturday....now its acutally Sunday and I'm still working...anyway...alot of drywall is done...heres the progress so far...

https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...DayNine001.JPG https://webspace.utexas.edu/vota2/Pi...DayNine002.JPG

Behind the scenes look...power wiring is almost done...well it is...but I have to remove the tacks and redo it...my friend did it inefficiently and thats why the plugs don't reach the surge protector...now I just have to remove and rerun it...anyway that's about it...til tomorow...
Day Ten was just finishing the rest of the front drywall. Today...day eleven...my friend came up to teach me the art of joint compounding and drywall taping...also learned how to put in corner beads. While he was working the front...I started cleaning up the back side along with putting the drywall on it. Anyway...its almost done...a bit more joint compound to fill in the dips and sanding...then it'll be ready for primer then paint...here is the progress now...


8:15 AM central time...this is tvo signing off and going to bed...
Here it is...almost there...my place is very dusty right now from the sanding. To make matters worse, the vacuum cleaner bag sprung a leak and sprayed a cloud of dust into the air when I started to vacuum. The air in the condo actually tastes like the joint compound or like dust essentially. I also had tried the finishing sander on the side opposite from the main wall. Good thing I used it in there because the room got pretty cloudy after 2-3 minutes of sanding. Sanding this taught me a good lesson. Too much putty was very hard to sand but too little allowed little room for error. Also I found out the paper tape couldn't be sanded down like the "quik tape". I think I like the quik tape more although it required alot more joint compound to cover. Any way here is the prelim picture because as of today I had primered it.


Next post coming in a minute...
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