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My buddy's TV had been working fine for 2-3 years. Then all of a sudden the power on the TV would intermittenly go out. Sometimes toggling the power switch would correct the problem and sometimes not. The next day the TV might power on, or it might not power on for another week. Then it would be fine for weeks or months at a time, but eventually the problem would keep coming back and got progressively worse to the point it rarely worked.

He finally gave up on this TV and moved his smaller LCD from the bedroom to replace it. No history of issues with this TV. It's working fine for a few months at the new location. But then out of the blue it has the same power issue. Sometimes it will turn on and sometimes not. The old TV is a Phillips the replacement is a Sharp. I have a feeling the Sharp is going to get progressively worse over time.

Now my buddy is not much of an A/V guy; just uses standard power strips and has them daisey chained beyond recognition with Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, DVD player, HD DVD player, Wii, cable box, maybe some other stuff.

Does anyone think it's just an electrical issue? Either not enough juice or some type of line noise or surge that's killing the TV's? Should I suggest he get a line conditioner/surge ASAP? Note that none of the other equipment is having issues; well except for the Xbox 360 but that's expected
It's just too much coincidence in my mind for there not to be a real problem there.
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