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TW New York City: Any way to get more HD?

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I have Time Warner Cable in NYC. It has a total of 7 HD channels: CBS, NBC, ABC, Discover, HBO, SHO and WNET. Is there ANY way to get other HD feeds in NYC? I need some hockey and basketball and I'm told that TW does/will not offer ESPNHD or FOX Sports HD or even MSG (Knicks and Rangers etc) HD. ---Cablevision does show MSG and FOX Sports.

Any info would be appreciated (can't get satellite due to unfavorable apartment position)


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You should check out the TWCNYC thread in the local HDTV programming forum. As for your question, here's an email from the head of programming for TWC New York and NJ (and no one knows when in 2004 they will add more bandwidth):

From: Watson, Robert [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 4:52 PM

To: ____________

Subject: RE: HDNet and INHD

We hope to carry as much HD programming as our resources allow, and

recently added Discovery HD. Time Warner Cable has agreements allowing

it to distribute INHD 1 & 2 and HD Net and HD Movies, however in our NYC

area systems we are currently out of available bandwidth to carry these

services. We expect to resolve our bandwidth issues next year and plan

to add the services when the bandwidth becomes available. Time Warner

Cable's corporate programming department is also negotiating with ESPN

to for rights to carry ESPNHD. Which we ultimately plan to add.

In the interim, I hope you are happy with the HD service you are

receiving at no additional charge, including local broadcasters such as

ABC, NBC, CBS and channel 13 in HD and the digital feeds from Fox, WNJN

and Kids Thirteen.

Thanks for your feedback.

Happy Holidays,

Bob Watson

VP Programming & New Business Development

Time Warner Cable of NY & NJ.
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