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TWC-SoCal: INHD Doesn't Appear Anymore

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I noticed that INHD has disappeared from my guide. Like the subject says, I have Time Warner Cable, and live in So. Cal. Does anyone know why I am missing the channel now, or is anyone else missing the channel?

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:confused: I guess I must be the only one. Time to call Time Warner I guess?
I live in Palm Springs and have Time Warner Cable as well. I noticed today when I turned on the box that the INHD channel (channel #650) has disappeared as well. What is up?

Spoggly: Were you able to find out anything when you called TWC???:confused:
I called my local TWC for two days trying to find out if they will carry IN-HD. No one knew what was going on. Here are the answers I got:

1 - It'll be like PPV

2- I don't know anything about it

3 - We (TWC) will not be carrying it

4 - It's just a promo. Don't take it seriously

5 - I don't know.

Finally I emailed and put a call into the GM of TWC Huntington Beach. Still waiting for his return call.

What I think happened: Someone threw a switch and began airing IN HD and the higher ups didn't have a clue. Or, they don't currently have the equipment to do it. TWC (stands for T-ell me W-hat we are C-arrying)
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Probably not any new information, but here is the e-mail response I received from TWC:

"Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, INHD has not launched. It was only available for preview purposes. We are still in negotiations with both In Demand and ESPN regarding HD programming. Please contact us at a later date for up to date information. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Time Warner Cable"

INHD also disappeared in the TWC Chatworth (West Valley) system. When it was available the logo did indicate it was to be a PPV channel. When it disappeared the 1500 series channels reappeared. These appear to be the local channels 2,4,5,7,(1502, 1504, 1505, 1507) etc in Digital (not HD) format.
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