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I am in an area where the cable services are going to switch from TWC to Comcast. I have a few questions as to what to expect.

I have been pleased with TWC's service in the past. I have had them come to my home one time for repair after installation and I have been able to do everything else myself on from there. Most problems were due to a brand new subdivision, house, and home wiring/networking system. Here are the services I am currently receiving:

Digital Value (most digital channels aside from the movie channels and specialty sports channels)

2 STB's (one HD, one non-HD)

Roadrunner internet service

Digital phone service (telephone services are not subsidized in my area, local phone with NO long distance is a minimum of $65/month)

For all this I pay about $140/month

The great thing is that they are only charging me for each STB I use, not all the outlets in the home (9). I am allowed to use as many analog TV's as I want per my contract. That is why I don't want to switch, since the company may start charging per outlet, and the system is permanent (it is built into the house).

Now I have heard of stories where communities have sued Comcast during a take-over in order to receive the same services at the same rates. Is this what I have to look forward to, another bad company with bad service that I am forced to deal with on a regular basis (see water company, appraisal district, escrow company, etc.), or will I not notice the switch at all?

Hopefully some people out there have been through this already and can give me some insight through experience. If not, at least some educated speculation would be nice (the local stores give no post-takeover information at the moment).

Thanks in advance.
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