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TWCNYC - HD-DVR w/ active Firewire port?

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I'm just giving a try to cable *again* - I know they should provide me Firewire upon request but which box should I go with?

Currently I have the SA 8300HD and nother, non-DVR HD box and I don't think any of them has active Firewire port (in fact the non-DVR one doesn't seem to have FW at all.)

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Believe some in the NYC TWC thread (separate forum) have mentioned using firewire out for recording with a STB, but don't think it's a DVR model. It's a lengthy thread to search, and I sometimes find that Google.com, when AVSforum is included as a search term, is much better than AVS's search program. -- John
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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