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Hello all ..

I just purchased this onkyo sr308, and have it paired with Polk RM6750 speakers. I have owned several htiab systems, and this inexpensive set up is like a new form of music to my ears -- My only issue is my center speaker. When using the DTS mode, or any other 5.1 mode, its almost a strain to hear "talking" during scenes while watching movies on Blu Ray (Robin Hood)

All other details seem flawless. I have insured the blu ray player settings were correct, and have changed settings on the reciever, such as treble, center db settings, polarity of wire and instalation of connections, distance setting, wide/narrow setting, a/b setting,large/small setting, etc. I own 2 sets of these speakers, and swaped the actual speaker out as well -- no difference. Everything wired via HDMI (Not 3d hdmi)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance --

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