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Twister in DTS @ Costco @ $15.99

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That's right.

For those of you who would like to experience the difference between DTS and Dolby Digital for yourselves, this disc has both, and for a VERY affordable price.

Our friend Huskerduck, in Amity, Oregon, was kind enough to demonstrate the difference for me on this disc when I did his 46805 a few weeks ago on my most recent trip to Portland. When I saw it at Costco at such a reasonable price, I jumped on it. Be sure and check the back to see the DTS symbol indicated.

The difference in regular material is intense already. Each channel has complete digital information for its sound, fully digitally separated, with DD lagging kinda behind on the fidelity end. The surround sound in movies, as opposed to the full-fidelity front L and R tracks, has never before had full-fledged complete material--it has been primarily ambient information, which doesn't require all that much fidelity.

DTS, on the other hand, requires a separate, syncronized CD disc at the theaters to provide the sound for a DTS movie, compared to Dolby Digital's sound all fitting on the movie's audio track itself, as sent by the distributors.

A very knowledgeable guy at Circuit City in San Mateo--John, I believe, he's the only John in the home audio dept.--tells me that DTS has 4 times the actual digital information that DD has.

I believe it.

The real difference, however, is in the bass.

The subsonics in the DTS version were head over heels better and more "palpable" than those in the DD version. The impacts were progressive and repeated "slam you in the chest" impacts, where in the DD version, they were more like, "Wham. Wham. Wham." With wind behind each wham.

The DTS version whipped you around, physically, like the twisters themselves did in the movie.

The DD version left you "watching" everything rather than feeling like you were inside it.

Check it out.

Mr Bob


Robert P. Jones

Image Perfection

SF Bay Area, Ca. USA


[email protected] www.imageperfection.com

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