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Two large speakers - adjusting bass levels?

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Hi there,

I recently set up two large speakers in my room (See pics attached). They are Richter brand and about a metre high. Each speaker consists of 3 speakers in a vertical line, with the lowest one about 15cm off the ground.

They are stereo speakers and I linked them up to my computer - with a Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier A-320.

I'm finding that the music I'm playing through winamp and just generally is very 'bass' and in some songs, the foot pedal is really, really distinct and distracts from the singing.

I was wondering - how would I go about adjusting the bass levels ?

I am not too sure on the theory of the audio world. However, I think the main thing is that they are large speakers, and the larger surface area means something. Well, at least I know what I don't know.

Anyway, any ideas?



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If you are playing music through some sort of computer software, does that software have any sort of EQ function that would let you turn the bass down?
Yes, Winamp does have an equaliser function. I can adjust the bass levels from there. Thanks!

I'm looking into the system sound levels too. But thank you, you've set me in the right direction!
You might try to pull them out away from the wall and desk. Place them about a foot away from the side of the desk and maybe bring the front of the speaker even with the front of the desk,..... that should tame some of the bass.
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