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Disclaimer...complete newbie (first post) and unfortunately not that much of a tech geek. I am about to purchase two TV's. A 50-52" to hang in living room and a 60-65" to place in a playroom. Both rooms are fairly bright in the day...no direct sunlight shining in, but plenty of windows and indirect sun. I really only care about watching sports...mainly football and college basketball. I will obviously watch movies, shows, and kids will play some games on Wii. Not serious gamer, etc. Sports is it...so no motion blur is very important as is picture quality. My sports watching (especially football) will happen in both day and night...so keep that in mind.

I'm replacing a Sony CRT in the living room and a Hitachi 60V500A in the playrooom.

I have read CNET and was pretty sold on Samsung PND 7000. I have since been trolling AVS forum and have learned of the "peeling" issue, the "buzzing" issue, as well as the fact that although plasmas have the best picture...in general they are not as good unless the room is very to somewhat dark. These two issues have me unfortunately now researching LCD and LED's as well because they are brighter.

I'm willing to spend the going rate for the Samsung 7000 plasmas...let's call it $2k for the 51" and $3K for the 60-65"...so $5k total for both. I don't care about 3D at all, but would love to have wireless capability, etc. Basically I want new TV's that look great watching football and have some of the latest features. I don't care if they are plasma, LCD, or LED...or a mix (i.e. 51 plasma, 64 LCD...don't even have to be the same brand) as long as there isn't a lot of motion blur and it gives me that "wow" factor when I'm watching games.

Any help with specific models would be appreciated...and I will be glad to be more specific if needed. Thanks in advance to all of you who obviously know a hell of a lot more than me.
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