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The home theater room I am building is multi-purpose. My primary purpose will be gaming via PC and Wii and HD cable shows/movies. As family our main use will be as the basement tv and movie nights.

I am getting a short throw projector as it works best for stand-up in front of the screen gaming on the Wii. As I want to play PC games I am getting a 3D capable one, the GT700 or GT720.

What I want to be able to do is have a single mount for it which will have two positions it can be in. Quick "napkin" measurements and computations tell me that I want the "large" setting to put the projector approximately 6' back from the screen and close to the ceiling, probably 4 inches or so. The "small" setting should put the projector about 3' from the screen and 24" from the ceiling. The screen will be a grey painted on the wall, formula to be decided after seeing the brightness/picture in the two positions with expected lighting. (The close position could get pretty bright but needs enough gain for decent/good ambient light viewing.)

I could do this with two ceiling mounted floor flanges, a couple of pipes, and a custom platform to hang the projector from. The geek in me really would rather have a single two position mount though. I think it would make moving it from one setting to the other a lot easier than having to redo the mount every time it was moved.

My current plan includes drawings, calculations, unknown parts from Home Depot, and time. Ideas I have so far had include a sliding hinge, as we have on our entry way bench. I am not sure how to have the projector with a long enough "arm" to travel up for the small settng without leaving the excess hanging in the line of sight. Another idea is some kind of piston. I imagine this more technical solution would also be more expensive. It would solve the excess length issue. I have tried to conceive of it with a single length pole, but have not even tried to rough in the math for it yet.

I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar, DIY or commercial. I am looking for inspiration as well as confirmation that I have to do my own thing.

Oh, and I do not yet have any of the theater components in house, so the exact numbers will be a little while in coming. We had originally hoped to be putting it in this weekend but had to order a new laptop before moving on the new A/V gear.
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