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Two scaler/DVD options -- thoughts appreciated

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Option 1:

IScan HD with trade in of existing Iscan Pro -- $800

SDI input module for Iscan -- $400

Denon 2900 DVD on closeout -- $550

Denon 2900 SDI mod -- $400

Total: $2,150

Option 2:

Lumagen HDP -- $1500

Denon 2910 DVD -- $650

Sell Iscan Pro -- ($250)

Total: $1,900

I am connecting to an NEC 61" plasma that has 1 DVI input. The other component will be an HD Tivo in a couple of months (currently just a DirecTivo).

The issue is that I would like to have a single connection to the plasma, and I need something to do the video switching. Not wanting to spend $300 on a DVI switcher, I thought it would be good to get some additional utility from the device, and the Iscan and Lumagen products seem great.

The benefit of option 1 is that it passes the HD signals directly to the display, and the display can rescale to the NR. I don't think this is a big deal, and NEC electronics are supposed to be pretty good. The SDI DVD option is supposed to be the best.

The benefit of option 2 is that the Lumagen can scale a digital 480p signal from the Denon (which is using a new Faroudja chip, so it has excellent deinterlacing) and it can scale the digital HD Tivo signal as necessary.

These seem like pretty equivalent options to me. We will probably watch 25% DVD, 50% SD programming, and 25% HD programming.

Any thoughts as to whether there are any real advantages to one option over another? The last option is much cheaper -- connect the HD Tivo using component video and the Denon 2901 via DVI right to the plasma. That option is $400 ($650-$250 for Iscan).

Thanks for your thoughts.


note: I mislabeled the Lumagen as the Pro. I meant the HDP.
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I think you are giving up a lot for only $250 as far as audio and options for video and Onecall is selling Sdi modded HD's for $1200 without trade-in so you can sell the Pro anyway.
Where can you find the Lumagen HDP Pro for $1500? I thought the MSRP was $2300?
Thanks for the heads up on onecall -- that makes the options identical in price. On the Lumagen, I accidentally typed Pro. I meant the HDP. $1500 is correct for that one.
Maybe a more specific question is whether one could really notice the difference between taking 480p from the new Denon 2910 with the new Faroudja chip, and taking SDI from the Denon 2900 into either the Iscan or Lumagen scaler.

Both are digital, both incorporate good deinterlacing. Am I missing something?

The difference is that in one case, the scaler does the scaling, whereas in the other, the display does the scaling.

Also, there are many other factors that scalers correct (perfect timing for the display, Y/C delay, aspect ratio control, etc.) that the players themselves do not offer.
Sorry, I mean to include the Lumagen in both options:

2910 directly in

2900 with SDI mod using SDI input

They seem pretty comparable. Just wondering about the value of the last $800 on the SDI in this particular setup.
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