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Greetings all... I've been reading all the great info on DIY screens here, and I'm about to start construction on my screen using the WilsonArt laminate. My situation:

- Just ordered the Epson 8350 projector, putting out about 2000 lumens.

- I will install this in my finished basement. I am going to make a 92" diagonal screen, because the vertical dimension will fit between the crown molding and chair rail of my wall. The basement has a drop ceiling.

- It is a very big room, with three windows on the eastern wall. They are not big windows, and I don't plan to black them out. Even during they day with the shades open, it's not terribly bright; we have a lot of tree shade.

- I watch TV down there in two situations; football/sports/shows during the day with ambient light, and movies at night in darkness.

I am a pretty experienced woodworker, and put a lot of thought into the frame. Top priorities are flatness and stiffness, both of which benefit from light weight. I don't care for the idea of using pine or other woods because it's almost never straight or flat, and tends to warp with changes in humidity, etc. I like MDF, but it's not terribly stiff and can also warp. I finally decided on 1/2" x 2" pre-primed MDF moulding- but mainly because the edges of dimensional MDF are usually very true, so I'm going to build the frame in the "thick" direction with the 1/2" side against the laminate, yielding a screen that's about 2" thick. I will do the edges of the screen and sides of the frame with black velvet tape.

So I got to thinking about my two different lighting situations, and whether I should use a Designer White screen or a gray screen. Then the lightbulb went on; why not do both? I could put the Designer White on one side of the frame, a shade of gray on the other side, and ceiling mount against the wall with hardware on the edge of the frame. It seems like doing this would still result in a screen that's less than $200 to build, weighs less than 30 lbs., and could easily be flipped around depending on light condition.

Which leads me to my questions:

1) has anybody tried this, and if so are there any pearls of wisdom?

2) What would be the best shade of gray WilsonArt laminate for daytime viewing of sports with some ambient daylight? Grey (1500), Dove Grey (D92), or Fashion Gray (D381)?

Thanks in advance for any input. I'll post construction pictures.
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