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Two speakers on one output?

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I've been using a pair of floorstanding speakers as mains for the past few months with integrated powered subwoofers, and recently upgraded to a newer model from the same company, without subwoofers. I have smaller bookshelves as my surrounds, and they fit the bill perfectly for now. I do NOT have a center currently, and don't have the funding to buy one at the moment (or approval of my significant other for yet another speaker purchase).

So...I will be using the new floorstanders as my mains regardless. I had been thinking to use the older floorstanders as my surrounds, and also using their subs with the sub-out on my receiver, but don't really like the idea of the sub being so close (not sure why, just seems a little weird). So my newest bright idea was, since I don't have a center channel, to use those other floorstanders as my center...both of them. This would take care of the problem of not having a center, and have the subs in the more traditional (but is it better??) spot up front by the mains. My only question is that of safety; since my receiver has only one output for one center channel, I would have to hook both speakers up to the same output, and I'm unsure what this means for the receiver and/or the speakers. Is there a possibility of damaging either? I'm not sure of the power/strain implications, and would appreciate anybody who happens to be more experienced in this field bestowing their knowledge upon me (and anybody else who's reading).
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What will happen is you will be running (assuming you are using all 8 ohm speakers) 4 ohms in the C and 8 in the L & R. This probably isn't a good idea since you will get more power to the C than the L and R . Why not just use one of the old floorstanders. As far as the sub, freq. that low can't be localized, so it shouldn't matter where the thing sits. You could also use one of the bookselves as a C. Hopefully all your drivers are the same size.
Thanks for the reply. The midrange in the new and old towers is the same size, but the bookshelves have a smaller driver, and since their bass extension only goes to 120hz, I have it in my mind they wouldn't fit the bill as a center with all-towers everywhere else. What I may end up doing is just going sans the center for awhile and utilizing a 7.1 configuration minus the center. We'll see, can't know how it sounds until I try it out, right? As for using one tower for the center, that would be ideal, but my TV won't be high enough for that sort of clearance, I had planned on putting the towers right beside the television. I may still try that, if for no other purpose than to ease my curiosity. Assuming of course there isn't a risk of damage to the system.
Don't worry about the bass extension on the C that much. Not a lot of low freq material goes to the C. It's mainly dialog. You could just run the C in phantom mode if your HTR has one. A lot of people like it. BTW, you are probably going to miss the intergrated subs in the old towers, so using them for surrounds if you don't have a sub is a good idea.
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