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My mom has the 40" and the one thing I do like about it is the sound and picture quality? I was in bb recently and listen to the panny 42e50 and decided that the sound was better on the 5300. The other thing I notice and do not know if being fair when comparing the 5300 to the Panny is reception.

Mom still has not gotten hdmi cable and only has std cable (even non digital) and the picture is not bad at all. I am no expert but once in awhile I can see maybe smearing do not even know if it is this. I looked at the panny 42e50 and this is the tv I wanted her to get in the beginning. But to save money went with the panny. Also at time amazon had not reduced price. Plus bb would not delv. for free.

The panny does not sound as good as the 5300 at least in the store. I had to turn up the sound way high. Also the picture on non cable channel did not look as good. Maybe it was not cable but still if it was cable. The 5300 looked better. At least on non hd cable. Also when testing for sound made sure the other tvs next to the panny were silent. So right now happy for both pricing and sound. I have seen the price come down on the panny at amazon. But people have complained about damage in route to their homes and I know amazon has been looking into it.

By no means am I saying the 42e50 is a bad tv just comparing to what I have seen and know. If I am wrong tell me.
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