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Looking for a PDF format manual for both Onkyo's TX-905 and SV414

I got my setup earlier today

1x TX-905 and 1x SV414 (Wasn't the TX-NR905 like I was hoping)

5x Infinity Sterling TS

1x Polk Audio PSW50

It doesn't say anything on either of the recievers for their output. What does the TX-905 output per a channel? What does the SV-414 output per a channel.

On the back it has 2 front speakers red/black and 2 remote red/black

Do I connect the rear channels to remote?

What about the subwoofer and the center channel?

I picked this up from the local classifieds, but they didn't come with manuals so I am at a loss of how to connect a full 5.1 to these two recievers.

I can't wait to hear this setup once I get it all connected, so far I have the left and right fronts connected.

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Onkyo manuals are here

There is no manual for a TX-905 but there is a TX-903.

The TX-905 is an old receiver that is stereo only. You can hook up a CD player and cassette deck. No subwoofers, surrounds or center channels can be hooked up because this receiver is NOT a surround receiver.

A New York Times article with a review on it is dated 1992 - so you know how old it is.
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