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I have had my NR609 for almost 2 years and it has always worked perfectly. Then I moved to a new house and located my equipment about 30 ft from the TV in a closet. I am using a Monoprice HDMI over Cat 5 extender wall plate with IR repeater.When I first hooked the DirecTV Genie up directly to the extender , the video and audio would blink out every few seconds. I added a 5V power supply to help boost the signal and everything was perfect. Then I added the NR609 into the mix and it blinks again.

I read on the Onkyo website that one of the firmware updates for it was to solve this specific problem. I performed the update and I think it blinks a little more often than before.

Has anyone had this problem?

Maybe I just need a better (more expensiv) extender?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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