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Please let me know if I have this correct...



I do not need a powered Zone 2 or powered Zone 3 but want to send audio from Net - SiriusXM (I have a subscription.) to a separate amplifier. I have this working fine but I want to add more speakers to bump up from 7.1 to 9.1 or 11.1 even.



The 7.1 is now using 2 surround back speakers.


                      FL       Center    FR         Sub2



Surround Left          Seating Area              Surround Right



                   Surr. Back L  Surr. Back R




I want to add either or both Front Wide and Front Height.

I have the speakers already and plenty of wire.


Can the TX-NR929 be set up to use the additional 4 speakers?

I have been through the Owners Manual and each time I look again I see an exclusion.

I was Bi-Amping the fronts but not any more.


Many thanks,
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