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My setup is:

- Onkyo TX-SR304E amp

- Yamaha YST-SW 45 subwoofer

- Magnat Supreme 100 stereo monitors (standing on shelf under tv)

Im generally happy with my 2.1 but i would like to expand it to surround. But there is a problem. Those speakers sound good for me only in "Stereo mode" when i can change treble and bass to 6+. Otherwise they sound kinda flat to me. When i would add speakers like center or back, i have to use "Direct mode" when i cant use "equaliser". I know that is normal to use Stereo Mode for music and change for you likes but what about movies? I have the same problem - they sound kinda flat with no extra boost. With treble and bass 6+ (out of 10) they sound really great even on those cheap monitors. Should i just buy some good stereo speakers and use Magnat as surrounds or i must buy better amp altogether?
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