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TX-SR876 Replacement?

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Hello all, I am looking for suggestions to replace my current avr. It is a TX-SR876 with HDMI issues. I have tried replacing the caps as suggested in other threads with some success but it is still frustrating. So now I am looking for suggestions what to buy as an equivilant replacement. I am a little gun shy of Onkyo now that I have had these issues. Anyway here is info helping you to know mt setup:

1. This is a home theater setup for movies and gaming. Projector type

2. My Home theater is 25' L X 22' w with 8' cieling.

3. We watch movies at or near reference.

4. Speakers are front are chase home theater. Surrounds are Axiom Qs8's. 7.1 setup

5. Budget up to $1,200 dollars.

6. As far as sound db level and sound itself I have been happy.

I hope I provided enough info to warrant some good suggestions.

Receivers I have considered

Yamah Aventage

Denon X4000 or 3000

Marantz SR6008

I am certainly open to all suggestions
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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