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Good evening, all. Being one of the first customers to receive U-verse in my area, I felt like it was time for me to get a set top box upgrade. Figured their hard drives would hold more and maybe there would be some improvements in other ways. (Plus I noted in recent commercials, they are black boxes now.). So I called and at first the guy said they don't "just" replace boxes. I told him about the long-standing audio dropout issue and that although it appears to be fixed, I'd like a new box just to be sure. (This was more of just an excuse to get them to send me one.)

Well the box came today and much to my dismay, it's grey! Okay, that's just a bonus bummer. What really bummed me is that the hard drive is the same size (320 GB) and it appears from the label that that hardware is only a x.x.x.1 update.

All that to lead to my question for you guys...do you know what the latest version of the U-verse box is. I'm showing:

HW: v2.2.1.5

SW: v1505

Factory ID: ks001

Date of Mfg: 05/11

Is it just luck of the draw what they send? Thought I'd know for sure I have the newest by the new black design, but since I got grey again, I'm just not sure. So what's the latest?

Thanks! /Ben
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