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U2 concert CBS Nov 29 in HD?

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U2's "Beautiful Day" concert taped at Slane Castle in Ireland will be broadcast on CBS - any chance it will be in HD?
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This was discussed earlier, and I believe the general consensus was no. It is unlikely that CBS had HD production equipment available in Ireland for the taping of this concert. I don't believe anybody at the time had a conclusive answer either way, however.
Is it safe to say that the Stones concert on HBO in Janurary is SD as well?
I heard that one reason Paul Allen's HD Truck wasn't being used for Blazer games was because it is constantly being contracted out. It was reportedly used for - among other things - filming a Rolling Stones concert. If not for HBO....then for what?
Sorry, the U2 concert will not be broadcast in true HDTV.

You may be thinking of a post I made in the local Portland thread. The show I mentioned they had been down in LA taping was Tom Petty not the Stones.

As much fun as seeing concerts in HD is...think about it...does anyone really want to see Keith Richards in HD? Bleagh!
R11...thanks...you're right. Do you know who the Petty concert was shot for? Would be great if it were HBO....but I have a feeling it was for HDNet.
Nope. HDNet would be my guess too. You must be a E* sub then ;). The HDNet shows aren't too bad. I watched one with a ska band a few weeks ago that was great.

I think the Stones concert might be in HD...no, I don't know anything, but being the Springsteen concert from MSG was HD. The only thing I can guess is if it's broadcast live and not edited, do they want to go with a ton of cameras (I think the N'Stink one had 30 cameras), or do they go with a smaller number to do HD
Springsteen's concert was in HD because Bruce himself filmed the last 3 shows and then made the deal with HBO. He also filmed in HD one of the rehersal shows down in Asbury Park this past summer. Hopefully he will be filming again when he returns to the Metro NY/NJ area late summer 2003. This tour is getting to be a real suprise night after night. He even played the full Detroit Medley in Orlando tonight!

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Originally posted by XFactor

How do you know this?
I was speaking with someone at HBO and asked if the Stones concert would be shot in HD and they told me no...

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