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In a spare bedroom (460cm by 300cm) I designed a HT with a 65 inch Panasonic 65VT30 and NAD master as amplification. Speakers are Klipsch Icon Wood & Icon X, subwoofer is Velodyne DD12+.

While projection was our first idea and we wanted to go for the vw90es, a 65 inch Panasonic from the VT30 series was more than big enough, and projection would only make us stare more left/right from the front seats.

Seats are two leather sofa's, rear seats are on a platform.

  • Windows 7 HTPC with AMD Radeon 6450 and Total Media Theatre 5 for BluRay, vlc for individual files
  • HDI Dune 3.0 Prime (for BluRay disks and when I'm lazy to boot the PC)
  • PS3 fat (for casual gaming, not used for video)
  • 2 Linux NAS in another room

The PC sounds slightly cleaner with HDMI than the Dune, but the Dune has the benefit of always sending the correct refresh rates without toggling. With the PC and the NAD M15HD, it can be a pain to switch constantly.

Processor & Amps:
  • NAD M15HD processor
  • NAD M25 7ch amp (5ch used)
  • 100W built-in amps in active frontspeakers

Used to own an Integra RDC-7 in the past, also TagMcLaren av32r and Onkyo 5507. The M15HD outperforms all of them, only drawback is no XLR, but with the short distance between the 15HD and M25, it should not be an issue. Furthermore, most XLR pre-pro's are only pseudo balanced, and truly dual differential designs are more the exception than the rule. So I don't care about XLR.

7.1 speaker setup
  • Front: Klipsch XF-48 active from Icon X series
  • Center: Klipsch WC-34 passive from Icon Wood series
  • Sides: Klipsch WS-24 passive dipoles from Icon Wood series
  • Rears: Klipsch XL-12 passive from Icon X series
  • Sub: Velodyne DD12+ and SPL1000 Ultra (only one used at the same time)

Room tuning
  • all walls painted with dark gray matte paint "decomat 8500N" from Boss paints (a Belgian brand)
  • Front wall draped with Ikea "Merite" curtains + 2 52cm bass traps in corner
  • 60cm diffusors at first reflection point for front seats
  • 90cm diffusors at first reflection point for rear seats
  • Smaller bass traps in rear corners
  • 4 extra DIY diffusor panels, 2 on rear wall, 2 on side wall supporting the side surrounds

Still need to paint the diffusors in the same color so we are sucked even more in the picture.

  • All speakerwire is Twisted Pair Designs foundation
  • Interlinks between NAD are 5 silver/gold custom made John van Gent interlinks
  • Interlinks between NAD and XF-48 speakers are 2 silver/gold custom made John van Gent interlinks
  • black noise slim8 power distributor
  • industrial EMI/RFI filter from Arcotronics only on NAD M15HD
  • subwoofer cable is mono interlink from Twisted Pair Designs foundation
  • PC to NAD is Twisted Pair Designs HDMI, all others are from a cheap sale on ibood, brand is HD-gear

We found enormous differences in sound quality between a 10m cable and a 2m cable from the same brand. Picture wise, no difference, but sound wise the 10m version lacked punch and depth. It sounded boring.

Picture wise the cheap HDMI from HD-gear adds a little bit more saturation than the TPD, but it is difficult to say if that's better or just some blooming added.

How does it sound ?

While there's a lot of speakers in such modest room, none of them tend to attract attention sound-wise. The bubble is really great, but sometimes a little more steering would be welcome.

The LFE and bass extention is really tight and dry, without sounding boomy. The typical velodyne sound, and the room is almost airsealed. With the DD12+ in such a room, the DD12+ has to be tempered below 30 Hz as the room is adding a lot of gain (around 6dB under 30 Hz). With the SPL1000 ultra it is less powerfull but better balanced.

The challenge is to tune the equi of the DD12+ so it sounds like the SPL1000, but with more speed and more body while not going boomy.

3D and picture

I cannot watch 3D for more than 20 minutes, or my left eye hurts for 3 days. So I decided to let go 3D.

Picture-wise, the THX setting on the panasonic is really great, with extreme blacks but not zero idle illumination. Spot brightness is very intense, almost like my old Barco 808S CRT projector I owned 9 years ago. The black bars in 1.85 and 2.35 are hardly noticable and flow perfectly in the black border of the screen. This TV is much better than my previous 50PZ70E from 3 years ago.

There's only one artefact: with strongs greens and some opening text on most blurays, there's some halo on the same lines as the bright white or yellow text on a green background. It is almost unnoticable in most movies, only in artificial warnings and other static screens before the movie begins. It is not the case with full red or full blue backgrounds, only with green backgrounds. Maybe a bug in the firmware.

PS: The photo is copyrighted by Werner Ero (Dutch audio journalist). This HT will be reviewed in the september edition of Music Emotion, a Dutch magazine.

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Very nice! Love that DD+ Velo.

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Thanks for the positive feedback!

The installed seats are currently from my girlfriends old appartment. They are a little bit too high and we almost wanted to sell them before we moved to our current house. They essentially block the surround backs, so I no longer want them in my HT.

Option one is to recycle an old sofa from my first appartment and first HT. Pretty sure this sofa doesn't block the surrounds:

I'm currently cleaning it as we speak. It has some wear, but I still need to figure out if it is visible with dim theater lighting. My other option is an Ikea Karlstad leather sofa:

which is around 800 EUR / each. We would start with one two seater for the front row and get rid of the rear platform and put two wicker single person sofa's in the rear row (recycled from our garden), as it is hardly in use since we live in our current home. Putting single chairs in the rear row gives us more flexibility to play with the sweet spot, as the front row is really close to the 65 inch panasonic.
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