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ok basically i can't sleep

so i came up with this speaker system

RAAL ribbon

ATC dome

6" Underhung Accuton

12" Eton Hexacone

18" JBL 2269

18" LMS '09

all crossovers are 1st order intial ( ultimate rolloff chosen to provide adequate driver protection )

crossover points should be roughly 6 khz, 2 khz, 600 hz, 200 hz, 80 hz

the two 18" woofers go on the back of this tower speaker. the other four go in the front.

i have to say i am quite happy with this idea. i actually like this 6-way much more than my previous 4-way concept. if/when i have the money i might just build it.

the biggest problem with this speaker will be affording 6 amplifiers of which two should ideally be powersoft ...
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