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ue33 on pioneer vsx 1127 problem

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Hi ,I have the pioneer vsx1127. Ue33 is coming up but I cannot find any software updates for this model. How do I get rid of this flashing message on the front of the unit?. Is there an update for this model and where. 
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Did you ever find out a fix for this? I updated mine to the latest version via USB, said it was successful, and it say it's running the latest bios when I log into the receiver. But for some reason it keeps flashing ue33 once and awhile. Prior to the successful USB update, I had a failed internet update, got stuck at 50% and after 30min wouldn't go anywhere. So then I updated view USB successfully, works fine... just every once and awhile UE33 pops up and keeps flashing.

I emailed pioneer yesterday, hoping they get back to me with a solution.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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