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....short story:

Westinghouse 37" monitor from 2006 working brilliantly until Nvidia did something with its graphics drivers after 286.xx......everything after that produces games that start automatically in a completely and totally screwed up resolution, the screen is nothing but 1080p diagonal lines, even though the games are running int he background...the driver is sending a signal to my 37" set that it doesn't understand, and rather than go Out of Range, or to a blank screen, it displays that garbage.

THIS then becomes an exercise in frustration. Since many games check Windows resolutions, while others just poll the EDID, sometimes (rarely) a game will just work. Other times, I have to go into a CFG or an INI and force a resolution. Some games, no matter what you do, refuse to work (those freak me out because if you can't force the visuals properly via an INI or CFG file what in the holy hell is the game trying to send to the monitor!?!?!).

Regardless, its post Fathers Day damnit, and I need a replacement. 40" is perfect, 37" is perfect, 32" is acceptable.

The input lag thread in the LCD section appears to be lots of questions with no answers lately, I can't find any sets that suit my needs. I'd LIKE 4:4:4 chroma and I'd like low input lag, ideally I'd like that in a slim LED frame and not a larger CCFL bezel......the JVC Crystal Black 37" LED may solve these problems, but its not available yet and when it is I'm not sure if it will get high marks........the Panasonic Viera's then?? I'd have to move to 42" but whatever. I'm stumped though, I'm not sure what to do, I can tell you I don't want to go to an UHD display like those $1000 30" Dell/Apple models.......I don't want to have to "hardware up" to drive that rez if I don't have to.


I suppose at this point i'd even settle for a CCFL 37" again, but preferrably one with a black frame....do they make one with a thin bezel and 3D at that size? I'm guessing not...
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