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Ultimate guide method (no pun)

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OK, I think I just found the ultimate method of providing an interface into programming my UltimateTV box - providing that Microsoft would even consider it. :)

I was really curious to find a computerized guide program capable of showing me more of a schedule on the screen at once, so I did a search and ended up on www.tvhost.com

After downloading and installing the program for testing, I played around awhile and now feel that it would be awesome if I could transfer my program lists from this program running on my pc over to my UltimateTV box via the USB connection. drool.

UTVInsider, have you seen this program? Any chance that you could influence the creation of a relationship between them and UTV? Or at least a creation of a program similar? :) :)

Then my next wish would be for a web interface to this program from a remote location.

Think of it, no worrying about how slow the UTV guide, processor or hard drive is - it would all be dependent on your PC/Mac's speed, which is a lot faster.
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This would be great if they did it, however past comments about ethernet seem low priority.

Such an API would also have to deal with multiple user access. One might be trying to change things at same time as someone in front of TV.

The issue that probably scares the TV producer folks is LAN access to recorded shows. That would create all sorts of copyright concerns for some folks.

How about making use of that smart card slot? I'll buy a smartcard reader and set it next to my PC, run a Windows program to input my selections, take out the card, plug it in and Bob's your uncle. :cool:
I wasn't refering to lan access of the shows, just to the guide and programming, although show access via a lan would be nice, I'm not sure I'd use it a lot - others I'm sure would be different.
also, the link wouldn't have to be ethernet, just usb to usb communication, which should be easier for them to implement.
The problem with anything other than ethernet may be cabling. USB to USB would require PC to be near TV for use. Many homes have TV in one room and PC(s) elsewhere.

Once you get ethernet working, there are many ways to connect including wireless, CAT5, PhoneLine, and other approaches.

The real question here is what MS actually plans to do and when. UTVInsider has outlined a number of future feature areas, but MS history on announced vs delivered is less than 100% (which is the case for most all software firms).

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