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UltimateAVmag's Norton review of Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080HD

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It was just put up on the website.

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That review basically seals the deal for me. I was going to go for the Sony 60-inch SXRD XBR5 but now that it looks like that unit is either delayed or cancelled altogether, I'm going with the 60inch Kuro.
Excellent review. I was particulaly interested in their measurements; which look great.
This review doesn't surprise me. It is a follow up and reinforcement of all of the successes that everyone has had with the Kuro series.

Thomas Norton's review of the Pioneer KURO PDP-5080HD 50" Plasma Display is an accurate summary that touts the high quality performance, which is delivered by this new line of PDPs. This comment is interesting:

"As with most of today's sets, there is an extensive range of other, special controls. I preferred most of these in their factory default settings."
One question.The light output he reports for both white window and full screen white seems to be really low.In fact based on HT mags review, both the 42" and 50" 1080p Panasonics are brighter.Are his picture settings off?

Just seems odd when so many have reported the 1080p panels to be dimmer when compared to the 768p panels.
He calibrated the set in movie mode. Movie mode is comparable to cinema mode on the Pansonics.
This review perfectly underscores why Pioneer decided not to release a 6080. Unless money was no object, the 6080 would terribly hurt sales of the 6010
One thing I did notice however is that he didn't give viewing SD a very high mark which affects a great many of us. Still a very good review.
A whole lot of SD viewing will become HD very soon.
Please continue in the Kuro professional review discussion thread. Thanks (somebody already posted a link for this one).


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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