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Un Named New Theater Advise

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After 7 years of being a active member at AVS I am ready to build a Home Theater. I have a lot of good equipment - Sony Qualia 004 Theta CB3 etc but now I am ready to build a theter to really start enjoying this hobby.

The theater is not DIY - I plan to use a Designer Architect/ Contractor to build the theater.

Need to develop a criteria for the job - here are my intitial ideas:

(a) The theater will be on the first floor - right on top of my master bedroom so sound isolation is a top priority.

(b) The area could be anything depending on optimum size and budget - the current media room is 8 x 11 feet and we have space to extend it as much as 32 by 36 feet and upto 12 foot high.

(c) I have told the architect that I want seating for 12 to 14 - front row should be such that we can snuggle up with a blanket and even take a nap if needed (hey if you have your own theater in the house you should be able to sleep in it too).

(d) With Home Theater being my passion and the equipment and cabling changing over time - I have requested that without affecting the aesthetics I want to be able to change equipment without even calling the installer. Don't want to loose the fun of it.

(e) Have been toying around with the idea to build a bar behind the last row - in case we want to watch football games or just have a drink along with the movie.

I request opinions from all forum members - do's and don't so that I will not overlook any details.

Thanks in advance.

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