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Picked up this Samsung UN46EH6000 model at Bestbuy last week. It was manufactured in Tijuana Dec. 2012 so it has the latest firmware for this model. It also has the S-PVA (Samsung display panel) Ver. TS02

The picture quality is fantastic out of the box. It became even better by reducing the Dynamic Contrast from "high" to "medium" and also backed off Standard picture mode Contrast from 100 to 90.

Picture is great in all picture modes, but have found we can use "Standard" for all inputs and have great results.

Out of box LED Motion was "OFF" and we left it that way.

The full array led back-lighting seems to be superior to the ES models Edge Lighting. The 120 Hz refresh with the 240Hz CMR (Clear Motion Rate) is a great combination for hi-speed motion sport events.

Have Not yet seen, on this particular model, any of the complaints some of the other posters have issued.

However, picture color is a perceived factor.....no two human eyes perceive color exactly the same, especially so in men. I'm retired from a lighting manufacturer.

Another cautionary note, as mentioned in a different area of the AVS forum, when using so called Calibration disks, the disk player color output may not be without its own error. (OPPO disk player was most error free) Display color adjustments will also be correcting the introduced error and not what may be seen in actual use.

Bottom Line.....Other peoples picture tweaking/calibration to their liking, is what they perceive on their set and I would not attempt to copy their settings. However, these settings could be used as "ball park" values if what you perceive needs adjustment to satisfy you or your family.

Would recommend this Samsung UN46EH6000FXZA LED TV to all of my friends and family.
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