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I picked up an F8000 in November, and all is well except for an irritating symptom when using "smart app" functions... When using Pandora, PLEX, or select other applications, I will experience nominal sound and picture for a random period of time, and then the sound will become exceptionally distorted and extremely loud.  The sequence of events is as follows:


1)  Open Pandora

2)  Select a station

3)  Listen to tunes for $TIME

4)  Pandora starts a new song and the volume goes 5x and audio content becomes highly distorted


Again, this happens with Plex as well, so the issue is multi-app.  Additionally this can occur with the first song selected.  Fast forwarding to the next song fixes most of the time, but the problem will surface again at a random interval.  


My setup is as follows: 


TV:  UN55F8000 (software version 1119)

A/V Receiver:  Yamaha RX-V573

Connection:  S/PDIF out from TV to Yamaha (Optical direct)


One other note is that I had the TV and receiver connected via ARC for some time and the issue existed with that setup as well (as i would expect since it's the same output circuitry one would think).  I have other digital audio inputs connected to the Yamaha (SageTV HD300, Sony Blu-Ray player) and none have had these issues.


Has anyone reported similar issues, or am I the lucky first?  Just curious before/as I go to Samsung... My panel doesn't have any bad pixels or banding issues, so replacing it would irritate me (lottery).

Thanks again


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