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I finally decided to get the Sony HT SS2300 after pondering for a long time. However, I'm not impressed with the sound yet - may be I'm missing something in the settings option (I looked at the HT SS2300 thread and I couldn't find what I'm looking for)

I have my Panny BD 35 connected to the receiver via HDMI and output to my TV using HDMI. I did the auto cal thing and verified that all the speakers were connected correctly. My BD player is set to output PCM and I do get 96Khz in the receiver display. However, I'm less than impressed with the surround speakers (very little to almost nil sound). I want to get rid of the auto cal setting and set my speaker levels for the individual speakers manually. But I'm unable to do that as these settings are disabled. Please let me know how to set the levels manually.

Thanks much!
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