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Hello All,

I just joined this forum and also have just started to build a home theater in our basement.

I am going the DIY route looking for deals and cutting costs where I can.

Today I went to home depot in Gainesville, GA to look at the porter cable 3 nailer/compressor combo. All the reviews that I have come across rate it as an excellent buy at 299.00 (Home Depot).

Anyway, while I was there looking at it, I stumbled across an even better deal a Porter Cable 4 Nailer/Compressor Combo CF6401 for 299.00. I priced these online and Retailed separately they would cost $1,224.08. On sale separately they would cost $649.38 and these costs do not reflect the Contractor bag, hose, nails and staples that was thrown in with this kit.

Includes the following:

6 Gallon pancake compressor max 150 PSI and two quick connect outlets.

16 GA. Finish Nailer 1" to 2-1/2" (FN250C)

18 GA. Brad Nailer 5/8" to 1-3/8" (BN138)

18 GA. N.C. Stapler (NS100B)

23 GA. Pin Nailer (PIN100)

40' X 1/4" hose with fittings attached.

Contractor Bag

2000 23 GA. 1" Pin Nails

1000 16 GA. 2" Finish Nails

1000 18 GA. 1-1/4" Brad Nails

1000 18 GA. 1/4" X 1" Crown Staples

Nailer Oil

Safety Glasses

I don't work for home depot, look the tools up on line and you will see that this is an excellent deal if you need tools to do the finishing work on your Home Theater.

Good Luck,


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Good luck and go for it.

I got the same combo and have mostly used a separate framing nailer, but it will all come in handy.

One suggestion, get a pair of 'framing gloves'. It will save your hands.

I actually caught on to that idea late. I ended up getting a pair of Craftsman mechanics gloves which were cheap and work great.

Anyways, you've come to the right place.


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Thanks, I do plan on returning to pick up a separate framing nailer as well, but did not want to send my wife into sticker shock. I appreciate the advice on the gloves I'll make sure to pick those up as well.

By the way, did you end up picking up the Porter Cable framing nailer that runs for about $200.00? If not, what did you get and how do you like it?

Anyway, Thanks again,


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That is a great deal, however they could have x'ed one or two of the smaller nailers and put in a framing nailer. I bought a similar combo from Lowe's when I started my build that included a framing nailer but not a compressor. Have never looked back. Getting the right tools and having them to use whenever I need them has been great.

Good luck on your build and thanks for the "heads up", you just never know who you may be helping with this type of posting.



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I just got the Bostitch 3 nailer and 6 gallon compressor combo for Christmas. It sure is going to come in handy to finish all the trim work within the home theater.
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