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O.K. folks,

Here's the topic of discussion.......ready?

1- You have $25,000.00 at retail/list price(yes I know none of us would ever pay list, just humor me)to spend on a projector, scaler/doubler, and fixed screen

2- Items must be new, widely avaiable, with manufacturer support

3- No HTPC. Sorry, I know all the reasons why, but it must be a scaler manufactured by a known, reputable (yes I know that may be debatable) company.

4- Main sources in order of use: DVD,HDTV,SAT,VHS

5- Ambient room light is not an issue.

6- 110"-120" 16:9 screen

7- Setup of system must be relatively straightforward with little maintanence after setup (other than normal calibration, etc.)

8- System must easily switch between 4:3 and 16:9


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You're asking for a simple opinion here without doing any homework apparently so...

Its a matter of what I would buy with the bucks..so here goes...

A G15 D-ILA (get it calibrated or use Dilards gamma wizards on it)

Buy a Greyhawk

Buy a Vigatec combination DVD Player and scaler

Any other questions? Do a search on each or just buy 'em all http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif




Lexicon MC1 7.1 system

Radeon Based HTPC

NHT, velodyne & bag end speaker systems

Panasonic, Dish, HDTV recording setup.

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