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We're starting to design the layout for the theater in our new house. In our previous theater we had two rows of seating: 3 seats at 10' and 4 seats at 16' from a 110" wide screen. That room was 20' x 20', so there wasn't much wasted space front to back. Seating for 7 was adequate, but with my three kids getting older and having people over for movies we often spilled onto the floor in front of the front row. The dimensions of the new theater are 24.5' long by 11.5' wide. The entrance is on the screen end of the room and the 4-seater spans wall to wall so a rear row bar is out of the question. We're looking to move the 4-seater back a bit, use the 3-seater as a second row, and use the extra length in the front as a new front "row."

Options we've considered include bean bags, floor-standing back rests, or a low profile couch. The problem is, I don't want the viewing distance of the third row to be 20+ feet. So the front seating has to be something that works well when close, like a bean bag.

I recently went to a commercial theater with the kids in a "living room theater." The front row was very close (less than 10' from a 20+' screen) and consisted basically of a bed with a low back rest. I remember thinking "this is way too close" but when laying nearly completely flat it was actually a comfortable distance. I've seen bed-like seating in home theaters but usually as the primary seating. Has anyone seen a setup like that as a front row? I'm envisioning a queen bed sideways (80" wide when sideways) with a box built around the outer edge of it the height of the mattress, carpeted, so that it doesn't look like a mattress on the floor. I'm on my phone so I can't really draw what I'm picturing, but I'll try to mock it up this weekend and post something.

I'm also open to other suggestions. It just needs to be a pretty recumbant position so that it can be close, rather than move the third row back. Any ideas?
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