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Ok, so I've been a looong time lurker at many of the audio forums (since the turn of the century), and tend to obsess over purchases. Thus, I've still got my repaired and rebuilt Paradigm PS1200 (4th order bandpass 12" one note wonder) sub I bought in '94. I've been somewhat satisfied with the volume of output from the Paradigm in my 2300cuft. room (15x17x9 with the back end mostly open to a double vaulted ceiling great room), so I don't think much extra oomph will totally be necessary. I don't tend to listen real loud and I mostly listen to music with an occasional movie get together with friends. My wife is open to most any box, but I'd like to keep from going to an Epik Castle or similar.

My initial price cap was the $500-700 range, but I've upped it to $1000, but not over. I realize just over $1k will open up other options from Hsu, SVS, etc., but I gotta stop somewhere. I've even contemplated non-co-located pairs of the lower cost systems for more even room response in all seating areas, but I know this can be a pain to setup, so perhaps too much to bite off initially.

Now with the new under $1k limit, I'm close to committing to a sub and wanted any feedback y'all might give, if you've listened to it, on the 15" Rythmik Servo sub. Initially I wanted a sub 18Hz box (classical & organ music, new action movies), but now also like the idea of a sealed system rather than ported, so the low end is more gradually rolled off. Do you have any experience with this unit?

Other subs (ported) I've contemplated are the Hsu VTF-2MK3 or 3MK3, SVS PB12-NSD, Outlaw LFM-1 (or EX). The AV123 MFW-15 is attractive, but with ground loop hums, amp issues (though limited) I'm not as enthused. Long lead times with Epik and eD Audio are also discouraging.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post of questions. I try to glean all I can from searches and thread reading, hence my many years of lurking.

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