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Under $300 DVD Player Needed for Sony LCD HDTV ?

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I recently purchased a 50" Sony LCD RPTV (KF50XBR800) .. it is awesome with the HDTV channels from my Comcast cable service.

I'm now looking to buy a "good" DVD player to hook up, and want to get the best picture possible for around $300. I would also like to be able to play DVD movies, DVD+-R's burned on a PC, MPEGs, and CD so need max compatabilty.

Anyone have suggestions ? Probably hook up via component video cables, but my Sony also has DVI. Are there any goods ones that use DVI ? I thought about the Samsung HD931 but see too many issues with it in various feedbacks.

Would appreciate serious suggestions ... many thank !
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If I had a fixed pixel display and it had a DVI input I would want a DVD player with DVI output. There are several players out there with DVI output right now (e.g. Bravo, etc.). Bravo has a new player the D3 coming out this year. Check out any other DVI output players in this thread too.
as the KF50XBR800 does not have a digial path from the dvi to the scaler, (its converted to analog then back to digital), there is no advantage to the dvi input for dvd.

panasonic has several good progressive players under $300.

Is that issue specifc to the KF50XBR800?

Or is it all GWII/GWIII?
Most good DVD players around $300 have been discontinued (Panny XP50/30, RP and Denon 1600 to name a few). What left in the market for sub $300 DVD players all basically suck and no better than $60 non-progressive players if you use it with your Sony as it has a pretty decent deinterlacer already. What you pay for the extra $240 is basically features (like DVD-A or SACD or both and MP3 etc).

You need to check out the Momitsu V880 owners that are using the DVI output. That should really do the best possible PQ for under 300 including shipping. It's a little tempermental though. Once you see that picture, you'll probably do anything you need to, to keep that unit.

-Hope that helps.

Juno in Phoenix. :D
I can personally attest to the quality picture of the Denon 910 and 1200. I have a 42" GWIII and I orginally used a Sony 725p DVD player on it. After buying a Denon 910 the difference was obvious. The Denon looks fantastic and you will see a difference. You can find Denon 910's for $275 if you do a little bargaining at your local stores.


Can you please provide more details about your experience with the 725P ?

I have a Sony GWIII 50 inch and I have gone thru 3 DVD Players in search for a good one.

I started with the Samsung HD-931 for its DVI connection - but the black crush was terrible and I returned it after about 2 months.

I then got the Denon 2200 - looking for something truly spectacular. The Denon was okay to say the best. I felt it wasn't worth the money - especially as I did not need the SACD and DVD-A features.

I decided to get the "best" of the basic players and wait for good DVI players later this year or early 205 - led me to pick up the 725P.

I still have a couple of weeks to the return deadline - what were the negative issues you experienced ?
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Sorry to be so stupid but what is GWIII ... Grand Wega or something, not familar with the term or what the III means. Thanx !
BLB - are you sure that the Grand Wega XBR KF50XBR800 does not have a digial path from the dvi to the scaler, (its converted to analog then back to digital) ? Seems strange for such a high-end LCD RPTV !
Hi, new member here and a novice. At times my head is spinning, but I am picking up some useful info.

Here's my situation: Right now, I have 2 27" TV's attached to some cheapo DVD players (FYI, one is a 1995 ProScan and the other a Sony KV something or other).

Anyway, I am leaning towards a Sony LCD HDTV model and figured I could buy a new DVD that would play well on it whenever I buy it. I was drawn to the Sony NS-755 (HomeTheaterMag 12/02 review was very favorable) since it got a nice review and was in the mid-200's.

Has that model been discontinued? If so, is there a successor or another one a level or two above that is a nice progressive scan player that does deinterlacing well and has this Farouja chip you all rave about?

Or should I look at the Panasonic RP-82 or 30 models, or the Denon lines (I guess I'm looking at a few hundred bucks more possibly, right?)

Thanks again. Very impressive sight and hope to contribute besides asking questions sometime in the future.
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I just picked up a Panasonic XP30 from another board member and I think it's the best DVD player i've ever seen.

I guess there's one thing I've picked up on: the Heisenburg Principle applies...you go for this DVD or TV with these great features, you lose somewhere else. You solve this problem with this unit, but it has this shortcoming. Unless you want to spend $2,000 on a DVD and $5-figures plus on a TV (which I don't!).

My interest in the Sony NS-755 was I figured for the price it was a solid upgrade on the portable Panasonic Palm Theater I use on one of the 27" tv's and also an upgrade on the Sony VCR-DVD player on the other.

Plus, when/if I move into HDTV with the Sony LCD, I figured it would be able to play stuff well on that as well. Maybe not with every micro-glitch mentioned at AVS eliminated, but still 90-95% as good.

Can I assume that quality de-interlacing and/or the presence of the Faroujda chip are pretty commonplace when you move into the $300-$500 price range? I presume I can find out from the manufacturer -- or here -- if the chip/de-interlacing are top quality or just run-of-the-mill.

I have no interest in 5 or 400-DVD/CD capacity, but wouldn't mind paying for the 5-spot if it came with a quality DVD. And as of now it's strictly for TV, so SACD and everything else is unnecessary (though the Sony NS-755 had SACD and the price was right so I didn't mind "paying" for it as part of the whole package).
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Your best bet is a used Panasonic XP30 for under $300. Those Sonys have a terrible de-interlacer, poor video quality. Go for Panasonic XP30 or Denon DVD-1600 or DVD-910 if you don't need DVD-audio.
Thumper, I presume if I went for a Denon 2200 that would be an OK move vis a vis the Panasonic and other Denon models you mentioned? No problems for my current 27" ProScan or a future (hopefully) Sony LCD or Samsung DLP?
Sure the Denon DVD-2200 and there other high-end models are excellent just expensive, but if you can afford it fine! You are paying extra in that case primarily for SACD and DVD-audio features though, not for higher video quality than the $250-$300 level of the Faroudja-based models I listed. I got a used Panasonic XP30 because I just wanted top-quality video and didn't care about the DVd-audio or SACD stuff and therefore I saved hundreds.
Thumper: I've read your recommendation of the Panasonic based players many times in the past few days; you seem to dismiss the Denon players as "about as good, but more expensive". Have you actually tried any of the Denon players? How about the Panasonic?

I ask because I've had the Denon 3800, Sony 999, Yamaha 2300, and Denon 2900 all in my system. The Yamaha is based upon the Panasonic core and I found it's picture quality to be completely unacceptable. Whites were completely blown out (after calibration with VE), the layer change was pretty slow, and the operation of the unit was average in terms of user friendliness and funcationality. In addition, the 2300 combed and stuttered on several scenes in the "Montage of Images" on VE. I was quite disappointed in this player.

On the other hand, the Denon 2900 looks amazing, plays all of the MOI scenes from VE well, is user friendly, is *VERY* fast, and shows no layer change. I find it to be an amazing player based upon my evaluation of three other players costing $1000 to $1500.

Notice that I base my entire critique upon video performance and usability. I searched long and hard for the idea DVD player for me. Based upon my experience, the Pansonic core does not deliver like Denon and the SIL504 deinterlacer.

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Thumper, since the DVD is going to be just for playing (with no special audio, though I hope to have a moderate one with the Sony LCD or Samsung DLP), you seem to be saying that the Denon 910 or 1600's are fine. I don't use my player for audio or CD's or stuff like that.

They both run in the mid-200's I presume?

Bottom Line: I could get the 2200, but I'm paying for extras I won't use; same video internals in the lesser priced models and no loss of progressive video quality, right?
Thats correct. For top-quality video there is no need to spend more than $300 for a used Panasonic XP30 or Denon DVD-910. The Denon DVD-1600 is great too, its almost identical to the Panasonic RP82 or XP50, but those also add DVD-audio which you may not want. The DVD-2200 has the Silicon Image de-interlacer which is good too, compared to the Faroudja its rated slightly better for film-based titles but a little inferior for video-based titles. The SI models have a few issues with some titles with the alternating progressive flag that the Faroudja models don't have. So I'd say if you don't want or need the extra audio features, you are well advised to get a top-quality Faroudja-based model for $300 or under.
Awesome, Thumper, thanks a million.

I take it from your reply that the XP-30 and 910 are discontinued (and with no existing new stocks) because you said to buy them used?

Given my inexperience in this area, I would prefer to pay a few $$$ extra and go with something brand new, so if those models aren't available "new" then I guess I will have to pay up for the 1610 or even the 2200. I can live with paying an extra $200 or so, even if it's for stuff I know I won't be using (at least for the next year or two). As long as I don't have to go up to $700-$2,000 for a player.

Thanks for the info. And I will be checking out Tweeters and Good Guys as per your other post.
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