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Under $800, best 5 channel amp.

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Currently have M&K LCR55's, using Denon AVR2700. Was looking at Rotel RB976 or Parasounds new HCA855A (Except I didn't see a price for it). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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JandR Musicworld has Harmon Kardon

5 times 80 watt amps for about $300.

This amp was well-reviewed 3 or 4

years ago when it came out.It's

problem was it was made to sell with

a very lame HK pre/processor. They

sell the pre for like $149 and proably

will never sell those turkeys.Home

Theater thought the HK 5800 power amp

was AOK for $999! If this amp is big

enough for you,it's a steal.Sound

City has them too,but I don't think

they'll sell you one without the pre.

I think you have to phone JandR on

this item,they're scaling down the

items on their website.Rotel has a

five channel for about a $1000. I

like the Rotels,I have a 3 channel

Rotel on my main system and it is

was an excellent value!but it costs

over $1000 for the 3 times 200 watts.

It roars! I recommend Rotel,I also

have some of their smaller amps.....


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I had called JandR and soundcity they are out. Someone recommended a NAD 916 or 925 said the 925 might be had for $900. Comments from audioreview look pretty good, I'll try to find other reviews.
I would love to pick up something along the lines of the Outlaw but the price is getting to far out of my reach. I sort of been given a ceiling limit by someone.
Not sure if this will help but I got a Pioneer Elite vsx-26 from www.soundpros.com for $815. I do like it very much and it has most of the features I wanted and it THX ultra certifed for HT folk.

Thanks anyway Joseph. I'm looking at going seperates.
David check out the Rotel stuff it's

good.That six channel amp with the

bridging is a thought.I have the old

verion of it,a little smaller.Mine is

6 times 40,pairs bridge to 100. The

newer one is I think,6 times 60,pairs

bridge alot maybe 180,well you can

have three big channels.You could

add a stereo amp later for five big



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Good thought, I wonder how the Rotel bridged to 3ch. would do with the Denon powering the rear satellites? If there would be a noticable difference in the sound?

** Never mind, I think I read that not to use 4ohm speakers if bridging this model.

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So much for assuming. I looked at the back of the Denon. It only has preouts for the front 3 channels and subwoofer.
David,what kind of speakers do you

have? Most speakers are 6 or 8 Ohm.

I use my Rotel 956 bridged to three

channels.It will drive a pair of

Paradigm Mini-monitors and matching

center to extreme volume,if necessary.

The 976 surely has alot of punch!


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I have M&K LCR55. Five of them, they are bookshelfs/satellites that have a frequency response of 85Hz-20KHz. They are 4 Ohm speakers, 10-150watts. I always hear of what an improvement that a seperate amplifier makes compared to a receiver.
I would think the Rotel would push

those speakers effortlessly!Eventually

when I buy a house I may use my 956

to run 3 pairs of speakers with a

distribution system.It's a very

flexible unit.


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On my big system in my living room I

have the Rotel 3 times 200 watt

RB 993. I think it comes in a smaller

version of like 3 times 100 or 120.

This amp might fit in your budjet and

would push your speakers very well.

I have several of their amps and am

very pleased with them. I don't care

much for their preamps.I have a 20

year old Rotel tuner that pulls in

weak stations better than new radioes!

They've made some good stuff.Go to

their webpage.Owning a three channel

would be a good step towards upgrading

to seperates eventually.


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Rotel does not have a 3 times 100,but

Acurus does! I nearly bought one of

these once,come to think of it.....


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