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Originally Posted by Stryker412 /forum/post/15458029

Looking for a good under the cabinet flip down TV with a cable ready tuner built in, any suggestions?

I'm not aware of any cable-ready flip-down under-cabinet TVs. I briefly did some looking around for a gal-pal who wanted one for her kitchen but all i found were DVD Players with no tuner, so i recommended she get a flip-down under-cabinet LCD Mount instead and attach a small LCD TV to it. She ended up getting this one and mounting an older 15" LCD TV to it since her cabinets were too shallow for a larger LCD to fit underneath when in the retracted position....



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Thanks for the tip. I purchased a cabinet unit for my mother in law for Christmas and made the fatal mistake of not reading the box close enough. I saw tuner and thought oh nice bonus but it's an ATSC tuner only. I saw one that was cable ready from Sony but it was about $800!

Oh well, thanks anyway.
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