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underscanning break-in via xbox

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Hey everyone. I just received my Kuro 5080, which I am currently breaking in using the break-in dvd provided by D-Nice in another thread. I'm using my xbox 360 (non-elite) via component cable to play the DVD.

Upon close inspection, I realized that there is a very thin (5 pixel) border around the colored panel shown at any given point on screen. They are a darker hue of whatever color is present on the screen.

I cycled all the "screen size" options on the Kuro, but couldn't make the line disappear. Is this a problem with the xbox?

EDIT: oh, wait. Maybe that border is supposed to be there? Maybe those are inactive pixels? If they are, I'm sorry. That's really dumb of me.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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