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We have a Kenwood KRF-V5100D and a HTPC

we have lots of avi file done in audio copy.

We have connected spdif. when these are played using pass through the sound is bad.

We now have connected the Analogue 6 channel not using pass through sound is good.

We have tried using Optical but could not get it to work.

My question basically I think is which is the better way to get great sound.

Let the amp do it or the HTPC sound card..

I must admit I am confused to say the least.


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I don't know what you mean by "pass through".

I also don't know what you mean by "the sound is bad". Distorted? Includes buzzing or hum?

Some newer receivers include a digital processing feature which can help to improve the sound from low bitrate MP3s.

Use the connection that sounds the best. That is what really matters.

Both RCA S/PDIF digital audio and optical S/PDIF digital audio send the same bits from the computer to the receiver. Optical has the advantage that it electrically isolates the computer from the audio equipment. That isolation can help if there is noise caused by a ground "loop".
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